"OVI" celebrated  25th anniversary
"OVI" celebrated 25th anniversary

On April 21, 2017 enterprise "OVI" has turned 25 years. The celebration party was held on 20th and 21 of May. The celebration was accompanied by sport events and took place in a relaxed family atmosphere at the recreation center "Līcīši".

The history of "OVI" began in 1992, at that time the company was engaged in retail and wholesale trade in the domestic market of Latvia, as well as had a small network of gas stations "OVI". In 2002, the company acquired the Riga Oil and Lubricants Factory on the territory of the Freeport of Riga, where in the following the main activity of "OVI" was transshipment, storage and trade of petroleum products. This allowed the company to enter in to the International market and significantly expand the horizons of its capabilities.

The OVI management believes that its main advantage is a personalized and flexible approach to each client, as well as work with specific oil products, which is provided by a multifunctional terminal on the territory of the enterprise.

Speaking about the formation of the company "OVI" it is impossible not to mention it's employees. Basically, these are people who have worked for many years in the company, and some have paved this path almost from the very beginning. It is a friendly team which, despite various difficulties at different stages, was committed to the co operative cause and aimed at the success and development of the company.