OVI handles environmentally hazardous substances – petroleum products – and is well aware of its obligation to minimise its impact on the environment.

OVI has developed an environmental management system which analyses the ongoing operations of the company and the potential risks associated with it. It ensures regular environmental monitoring on all company premises. A network of groundwater monitoring wells has been established on the company’s premises, which creates access to data on groundwater quality both in the terminal areas and along the whole pipeline corridor up to the port. All information is analysed and summarised in the company’s ecological database. OVI regularly reports to The City Council and the Regional Environmental Board of the State Environment Service regarding air quality observations.

The shore tanks and RTC discharge station are equipped with petroleum product vapour recovery systems.

OVI is aware of its responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment. By introducing and maintaining the Environmental Management System, OVI has developed and implemented a policy and objectives in accordance with legislative requirements and the information available on essential environmental aspects.

Environmental issues are an important element of the organisation’s activities, with the company taking continuing account of products and services which may interact with the environment.  Those issues which may have a significant impact on the environment are carefully monitored.

The identification of potential environmental issues has been recently carried out by a group of certified experts which examined in detail the company’s activities within normal operating circumstances, and also in the case of technological failure. The study also addressed potential emergency situations or accidents.